Needlework Group

The Needlework  Group  meets once a fortnight, its 10 members are all keen to show off their many talents and eager to learn new ones. Knitting, crochet and patchwork are all undertaken either by complete beginners or those renewing old skills.   A good time is had by all ……

Tree Decorating Tree Decorating Tree Decorations Tree Decoration

The Needlework Group once again decorated the Christmas Tree at St. Saviours. The theme was ‘Reuse and Recycle’ so decorations were made from old shuttlecocks, left over gold card and paint. They also found a few bits of red ribbon and braid to make the angels’ hair. The angel on top of the tree was made from empty spools and a ping pong ball decorated using a vintage hand-made lace mat. Very creative ladies!

Baby hats

Baby hats made by the Needlework Group made in response to an appeal from Stroud Maternity Hospital.

These heart shaped cushions were requested by Stroud Hospital for people recovering from breast cancer. Our lovely Needlework Group were happy to fulfil this request

Snuggle pods, Catheter Bags, End of Life bags and little toys made by our talented ladies for hospitals near and far

Masks, scrubs and headbands created by the fab ladies of the Needlework and Craft Groups to help with the COVID-19 response

Traffic Light hats for the baby unit, Red for high care, Amber for care and Green for go home

Hats for the Special Care Baby Unit at Stroud Maternity Hospital