Craft Group

Linda coordinates the Craft Group who meet at her house every other Thursday.  They do anything that can be called ‘craft’ and there are no limits to what can be achieved or tried. Contact Linda if you are interested in joining the group for crafting, laughter and of course some tea and cake!

Just some of the fabulous craft items created.  What talented ladies.

Cord rope bowls Cord rope bowls Cord rope bowls Cord rope bowls

Some of our craft group asked Linda to show them how to make the beautiful cord stitched bowls. Linda ran an extra workshop and the results were fantastic. The bowls are great fun and super relaxing to make as long as your sewing machine tension does not cause you any frustration!!

Scandinavian Gnome Scandinavian Gnome Scandinavian Gnome Scandinavian Gnome Scandinavian Gnome Group of Scandinavian Gnomes

Our craft group made some Scandinavian gnomes known as Tompte in Sweden and Nisse in Norway. They are commonly found all over Scandinavia and are woodland creatures that protect the family, house and animals. Perhaps a haircut required for some!

Macrame keyrings

Today’s craft session was Macrame. The ladies learned how to make two different styles n – flat knot and twisted knot. These were made into key rings. This session was a taster in preparation for making a Macrame Wall Hanging. Another fantastic afternoon of crafting and friendship.

Beaded Spiders Beaded Spiders

Today at craft, the ladies made beaded spiders – some cute some scary!

Pantins Pantins Pantin Pantins

This week’s craft dates back to the 1740s and the French village of Pantin, where cardboard novelties were invented. The black and white ‘Jumping Jack’ shows how a string attached to the novelty enabled the user to make his arms and legs move.

Kosheki Dolls Kosheki Dolls Kosheki Dolls Kosheki Dolls

This session’s craft was the very ancient art of making Japanese Kosheki dolls. We each decorated our doll in whatever style and colours we wanted. Linda warned us that a Kosheki doll should only be passed to a loved one and never thrown away in order to maintain good luck.

Repairing bowls and dishes using Kintsugi method Repairing a dish using Kintsugi method Finished repaired bowls and dishes

This craft session, we repaired bowls and dishes using the Japanese art of Kintsugi. Linda had very kindly deliberately broken a number of bowls and dishes for us to try this craft, which involves repairing the ceramics with glue and gold powder. The end result was very attractive. Cream eggs, whilst a very pleasant snack, were not integral to the process!

Folk Art Painted Coasters

The craft group revisited folk art painting, creating some very pretty coasters.

Furoshiki Bag Magic Wallets

The craft group made Japanese Furoshiki bags which required no sewing and Magic Wallets which despite making them, still puzzled the ladies as to how they worked!

Lots of Sashiko samples Sashiko sample Sashiko sample Sashiko sample

Craft group tried their hand at Japanese Sashiko embroidery. Traditionally Sashiko embroidery is on dark blue fabric and special threads are used. The ladies chose to make one of two designs – jujihishikaha (woven stitch cross diamond) or kawari kikkozashi (hexagon stitch variation). One sample square was achieved in an afternoon – it may take a long time to make the 364 more squares Linda said is needed for a quilt!

Fun doing Diamond Painting craft Diamond Painting coaster Diamond Painting technique
Diamond Painting tools
Diamond Painting bird
Diamond Painting birds

Craft group produced some amazing coasters and keyrings using the Diamond Painting technique – very relaxing and totally addictive!

Mosaic coasters Mosaic coasters Mosaic coasters Mosaic coasters Mosaic coasters

This craft session the craft group tried their hand at creating mosaics. They each made a couple of coasters to their own design with very different results.

Ladies with their Suffolk Puffs Ladies with their Suffolk Puffs Suffolk Puff Placemat Suffolk Puffs

The craft group ladies made Suffolk Puff Placemats. There was a lot of hilarity which was not about the puffs but vegetables – care to share ladies?

Poppies Ladies holding their poppy

To commemorate Remembrance day, the craft ladies made clay poppies. It was a labour of love and took a couple of craft sessions to complete. The final varnished poppies looked amazing. As well as remembering all those who died in conflicts from WW1 to the present day by wearing the red poppy; the ladies also made blue poppies to remember all to remember all the animals who also served in conflicts.

Ladies doing textile xraft Textile Art Textile Art Textile Art Textile Art Textile Art

This craft session was inspired by one of our speakers, Louise Parker. The craft group made pieces of textile art using a product called Tyvek. The craft ladies were all fascinated watching how the material responded to heat and how the paint and metallic powder reacted. The pieces were also decorated with beads, sea glass, sequins and gold and silver leaf. Another lovely session by Linda which of course included tea and cake!

Textile Bowls on display at the monthly metting Textile bowl
Textile bowl Textile bowl

This Craft Group session was making bowls using soluble fabric and textiles with free motion machine stitching detail.

Making necklaces at craft group Making necklaces at craft group

Craft Group Member wearing the necklace they made Craft group member wearing the necklace they made Craft group member wearing necklace Necklace made at craft group
Following a trip to the bead shop for supplies, Rowena showed the craft group how to make these lovely necklaces. Thank you to Rowena for teaching this craft and to Linda for hosting and providing the ice cream!

Beaded bracelets Beaded bracelets Jan's birthday cake

At Craft Group, the ladies made some lovely beaded bracelets. It was also a special occasion for one of the members – it was Jan’s birthday which was celebrated with a fantastic chocolate cake made by Pam.

Making Triskele Globe Triskele Globes

A fun afternoon at Craft Group colouring and folding Triskele Globes.

The talented craft group ladies practised further folk art techniques and created these lovely cards.

Folk art card Folk art card Folk art card Folk art card
Beautiful folk art cards made by the craft group. There will be some available to buy at the next sales table.

At Craft Group today the ladies made Kusadama Flowers, they really brightened a cold, wet March afternoon…

Dorset Cartwheel Buttons are an age old craft started by Abraham Case, a native of the Cotswolds, who set up the Dorset Button Industry in 1622

Beautiful cards made using the Iris Folding Technique

Parchment Craft

Beaded Angels and Fairies made lovely Christmas presents

Silk Painting to make card inserts, scarfs and handkerchiefs

Lots of concentration to produce an embroidery sampler

Beaded Felt Bowls

Paper Roses

Dichroic Glass Jewellery Making

Paper Cutting Art

Illuminated Lettering

Suffragette Dolls

Needle Felted Moles

Decorated Eggs

Block Printed Lampshades

Fimo Clay Brooches and Jar Lids